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Today we mourn the passing of a wonderful woman. May the wind be always beneath your wings, and your spirit soar to paradise. I love you, Grandma...
Cordite Sketch by Medicshy
Cordite Sketch
I just wanted to put this up here, since so little of my drawing has anything to do with ponies anymore, and all of my game stuff I've decided to keep slightly hidden (partly out of being bad at drawing, partly out of wanting to make sure it's not dumb before people see it). So, instead, you get my current D&D character.

Cordite, the Warforged Dragon Shaman. His spirit dragon is the Tarterian dragon. Powerful dragons presiding over a fiendish plane, they delight in killing evil, but aren't above killing good. He, much like them, is polite, soft spoken, well mannered, and a vicious fighter. After being saved from a sandy entombment by one and being given its blessing, he decided he would become more like them, and as a living construct, his body slowly shaped itself to suit that need. He fights mainly with a spiked shield and his fist (which will eventually shape into a claw), using his innate abilities to shock and awe (and then shock again) his enemies. Despite not needing to eat, he is also the cook on the pirate ship he's currently hired on.

For those interested, I'm currently DMing a D&D 3.5 campaign, and he's my character in the party (which is why he's so quiet). But I have a great build with him that, eventually, is going to give him 11 attacks a turn... because I like being silly. He also is somehow the least evil person in the group... Go figure.

I was drawing him to get an idea for him in my head, and I wanted to share.
The sun was high in the sky, shining its light over the entire world and bathing the land in the peaceful softness of spring. The pegasus saw the light spilling in the window and put down his pen, glancing with satisfaction over the words he had placed on the paper. A letter of great import… but then, weren't they all? With just a few words the world had become such a busy place.

He walked from his stuffy study, the sound of hooves on wood carrying through the newly emptied house. It was a solemn sound, but now melancholy. They weren't far, just a letter away, and one visited almost every week, already round with foal. His little filly had grown up so fast, and he'd missed so much…

He went downstairs through the familiar rooms, taking in the fresh, clean scent carried on the wind from outside. He moved quickly to the kitchen, squeezing the last few fresh lemons into fresh juice, adding some sugar and pouring two glasses, which he carried outside.

There she was, working in the garden, the sun gleaming off the sweat beading on her light cream fur, a sun hat helping her rosy mane frame her delicate, determined face. She looked his way, the wrinkles forming as she smiled, but only accentuating her ivy eyes just before they closed with glee. He stepped towards her, offering a drink and placing his wing over her back. “How about a little break?” She nodded, both of them moving to and settling in the sun chairs in the center of the garden.

“There's always so much to do,” she said with a tired sigh. “Planting flowers, pulling weeds, finding the correct seeds for the season… One would think it would get easier every year, but it never does. And soon I'll need to go to the shop and check the inventory if I'm ever going to–” her words were cut off by a gentle kiss, the worry that had been building up melting away under the warm gesture and the equally radiant sunlight.

The pegasus pulled away from the mare's lips, smirking knowingly at her. “Rosy, I said a break. I meant from everything.”

She smirked at him, sipping from her drink. “As though my infamous Ink Well has nothing on his mind… You've been up there writing all morning!”

“Letters. Words. Nothing more. I wrote a lifetime's worth already, any still waiting can wait a little longer. So let's just take a moment,” he said as he wrapped her once more in his wing, placing his hoof on hers, “and get back to catching up on the life we missed.”

They rested in the scent of new-tilled soil, a gentle breeze rolling over them, bringing soft clouds to pepper the sky. In unison they let out a little sigh, their heads coming together cheek to cheek. The world wasn't perfect: work and toil, ponies growing together once more, cities rebuilding… Even here one could see the scars, both in the scaffolding wrapped around the tower of town hall, and on the hooves and bodies of the two ponies currently resting in the new world's warmth. They would never fully be healed, nor ever forgotten in whole… but perhaps that wasn't a bad thing. Perhaps the marring would serve as a reminder, never to let the world fall into this turmoil again.

The world was not perfect. But still for just a couple minutes, perhaps, perfection was well within reach. All they had to do was take a moment to find it.
Where Night Meets Day Epilogue: A Perfect World...
Just a little thing that came to mind and demanded to be written. Putting just a little closure on the story, while the world keeps rolling on.

Me and my happy endings...
Dear readers amazed that I still breathe,

I have problems finding the motivation to write... School is getting in the way, and there are so many distractions, from theater I'm in to things to watch, life to plan, instant amusement to lose my mind to...

But I do have more in the works. It's... slow going, and I keep being told I need to write things that aren't pony related...

That day has not yet quite come. But when it does... You'll know.

Thank you for indulging me, or even remembering for a moment that I still exist. I hope your lives are going well. I... I kind of miss it here. I'll try to get something out by the end of the month...

No promises, but then, it's not like I've never broken the before... Ink Well I am not.

Speaking of, there's a little scene I posted as an epilogue to Where Night Meets Day that is... Well, I think it's heartwarming. It doesn't spoil anything, really. Give it a look if you like.

Your faithful friend,
With a fantastic view of the fireworks over town I ushered in 2016. May it be superior and better to everyone in all ways than 2015. May the world finally figure out what peace is and begin to truly work towards it. May I finally get the urge to write again. May the wind be always beneath your wings and your spirit soar to paradise.

I have started school once more due to... mostly bureaucratic reasons, and with so many papers, it's hard to want to write anything ELSE, but I've had a story waiting for more love for MONTHS, and at least a few more in me before I disappear...

It's just a matter of the time and motivation arriving at the same instance.
Today we mourn the passing of a wonderful woman. May the wind be always beneath your wings, and your spirit soar to paradise. I love you, Grandma...


To heal with love!
United States
I'm just here to help everypony, and solve what I can with as little violence as possible. And when that isn't possible, I am here to make sure my team lives.

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