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Cordite Sketch by Medicshy Cordite Sketch :iconmedicshy:Medicshy 0 0
Where Night Meets Day Epilogue: A Perfect World...
The sun was high in the sky, shining its light over the entire world and bathing the land in the peaceful softness of spring. The pegasus saw the light spilling in the window and put down his pen, glancing with satisfaction over the words he had placed on the paper. A letter of great import… but then, weren't they all? With just a few words the world had become such a busy place.
He walked from his stuffy study, the sound of hooves on wood carrying through the newly emptied house. It was a solemn sound, but now melancholy. They weren't far, just a letter away, and one visited almost every week, already round with foal. His little filly had grown up so fast, and he'd missed so much…
He went downstairs through the familiar rooms, taking in the fresh, clean scent carried on the wind from outside. He moved quickly to the kitchen, squeezing the last few fresh lemons into fresh juice, adding some sugar and pouring two glasses, which he carried outside.
There she was, working in t
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Sleepy Thundar by Medicshy Sleepy Thundar :iconmedicshy:Medicshy 1 0
Where Night Meets Day 26: Dawn
As the sun began to rise after the long night, ponies looked to the sky in wonder, not knowing what this could mean. Had Luna attacked and Celestia beaten her back? Had Luna taken over, and now she controlled both celestial bodies? Or had they remained in their stalemate, order maintaining precisely where it was? With so little to go on, it was no wonder so many possible theories circled through the rumor mill.
And soon, the rumors were joined by the truth. Word spread as quickly as the pegasi could fly, and Rainbow Dash was known to fly quite quickly when she wanted to. Peace had been declared. Not just the talks, no promises or tentative bargains, but full on peace between Celestia's Empire and Luna's Republic.
Of course, many ponies wouldn't believe anything as fantastical as that. Even if some pegasus in army colors flew over the town yelling it, there was no way to know they weren't a lone nut, and along the border, neither army stopped being entrenched, sure this was a trick f
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Where Night Meets Day 25: War pt.2
Twilight slammed her hoof against the door holding her back, feeling her magic seeping away into the giant stone barrier in front of her. Through the little window, an aged white alicorn with pink hair looked ashamed, her shaky legs hardly able to keep her standing, let alone help Twilight free her. Only her sun cutie mark, a symbol for so many within the empire, would even hint to the casual pony that this feeble creature had once been the princess of the sun.
Twilight had thrown every spell she had at the door after she had recognized her teacher, and the magic hadn't even dimmed. She had even started to draw out a glyph on the floor, hoping to power her magic with another ancient discipline, but the very magical ink had been sucked into the glowing symbols that barred her from her goal. She had even teamed up with Rarity, seeing if the two of them could do anything where one could not. All that had left were two panting, magically drained ponies staring at the dark bulwark.
After a
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Where Night Meets Day 25: War pt.1
A soft clink could be heard from the wall of the ancient, abandoned Canterlot gem mines, though the being lounging within knew it wasn't his doing. Well, not directly, at least, though he did know this was where his visitor would arrive. A little prescience on the matter ensured that he'd be here to greet her right as she—
The wall crumbled away to dust, the gems around the waiting presence lighting up brilliantly, even in the dim red glow cast by the horn of the interloper. Dust clung to her fur and sweaty face, and she gasped with exhaustion as she stepped from her cramped, boiling escape tunnel and into the cool dank mine. As she fell forward, though, she was caught by the waiting being's tail, a surprisingly fluffy cushion considering the scaled length that ran up to the fur of his body. “Now, now, we can't have you passing out just yet. You must be awake to meet your savior.”
“Nopony is my savior,” the tired mare spat venomously, glaring up at the
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Watch the sky, Pinkie Pie! by Medicshy Watch the sky, Pinkie Pie! :iconmedicshy:Medicshy 1 0 Gemipie by Medicshy Gemipie :iconmedicshy:Medicshy 0 0 Pinkie Kea 2 by Medicshy Pinkie Kea 2 :iconmedicshy:Medicshy 0 0 Pinkie Kea by Medicshy Pinkie Kea :iconmedicshy:Medicshy 2 0
Where Night Meets Day 24: Chaos
They moved under the cover of nearly perfect darkness, the only lights in the sky the stars. It was all part of the plan, had been since the Princess had met with Ink Well and thought she could sneak out of the castle. The two black forms practically slithered through the streets of Ponyville, one goal in mind.
A quaint house, covered in snow, a few boarded broken windows showing recent disdain for the residents, a feeling the invaders felt as well. They crept up to the door, one of them springing the lock in a manner of seconds with a flick of green magic. The other slid inside, zapping the dog before it could bark, leaving the animal well and truly sleeping in its bed. He signaled to his partner outside, leaving the aging beast to its slumber as they both hovered silently upstairs on insectoid wings.
There were many doors, two of which obviously announced rooms for young fillies, but that didn't bother the intruding parties. They were assassins, plain and simple, and sympathy was
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meetS Where dAy niGht. Chapter 420: THE END
The day of the meeting came, all of the armies surrounding the town hall while Ink Well stood in front of everypony there. He cleared his throat, breaking the tense silence that hung in the room. “I have an announcement everypony. I did not actually call you here for peaceful reasons.”
“I KNEW IT!” yelled Pinkie Pie pulling out her heavily modified attack party cannon.
Ink Well just raised his hooves. “I came to tell you that I… am pregnant!” The entire room gasped, Rose fainting and hitting the ground. “And Cadance is the father!”
Shining Armor turned to his wife of so many years, tears streaming down his face. “Pero, ¿cómo ? Cadance , ¿cómo pudiste traicionar mi confianza de tantos años como éste ? Por qué tienes que romper mi corazón aparte con su ratos femenina?”
Cadance pointedly ignored him, walking into the center of the platform and joining Ink Well on the central platform.
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Where Night Meets Day 23: Journey's End
Ink Well trudged through the snow and winds, feeling them biting his back with every step he took, his hooves freezing in the snow. Ahead were the great gates of Volary, the centerpiece of the Gryphon Kingdoms, but they were shut, as had been every town from the border to here. He was tired, hungry, and shivering as he stumbled through the snow, but the cloaked figure made his way ever onward, stopping only once he was sure he could be heard and lowering his cloak. “Please, I request entrance to your city.”
A head looked over the edge, the gryphoness's face as cold as any of the others, though she seemed more conflicted, like she was being forced to say it. “Go away! We don't just allow
any pony to wander up to us and...” She stopped, looking once more at the haggard, lined face before recognition struck her. “Ink Well? Is that you? I'll be right there!”
The gates slowly swung inwards, the other guards looking at him with disgust, while the
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Dead Signal
“~I hear your heart beat to the beat of the drums! It's such a shame that you came here with someone. So, while you're here in my arms, let's make the most of the night like we're gonna die young!~” I slammed the radio of the shiny new Bentley I had hotwired, managing to silence that damnable pop song. I floored it, burning rubber past the guard and smashing though the chain link fence of Hillview Mental Hospital.
“Hey, Al, I like that song!”
“Shut up, Johnny,” I growled, nearly slamming into a car as I hit the highway.
His voice tutted in my ear. “Doctor Moroe is not going to like what you did to his car.” I looked over at the passenger's seat, where a young man in black raver gear sat on the dashboard idly kicking his legs against the seat back and not at all reacting to my wild swerving. I took my eyes off his playful frown to look in the rear view mirror.
“Goddammit!” I took a sharp right, skidding into a wal
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Where Night Meets Day 22: Seeking Warmth
Jazz played for the party goers with gusto, their cheering and dancing far more musical to his ears than the fiddle in his hooves. Try as he might, he couldn't get the jazz apples to react nearly as positively to his playing as they did when he'd been with Flora, but even that didn't bother him. When she'd walked out, he'd expected the jazz apples would take a hit. What he didn't expect was the pit sitting beneath his heart.
Despite the smile on his face, it was only skin deep, hiding the scowl that had been glued to his face for the past few days. With every movement of his hoof drawing his bow across his fiddle, his chest ached, still sore from the kick he'd received from Flora. With every laugh and cheer around him, he could hear her giggling at his antics and his shows, making everything else seem mirthless. And as each note reached his ear, perfect in execution but so mechanical that he could barely recognize them as his own, he yearned for the days he'd lost.
He wasn't too pro
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Mature content
Remembrance :iconmedicshy:Medicshy 1 3

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Rest in Peace my lovely puppy girl. Taken too suddenly and too soon... I will miss your wagging tail every time I come home...

The only dog who loved me more than the food I fed her. Here one minute, gone the next, died sleeping on my bed where she was most comfortable.

I don't know why this cruel year has taken you, the one to comfort me most after Grandma's passing, but you too shall be missed, Treble...
Today we mourn the passing of a wonderful woman. May the wind be always beneath your wings, and your spirit soar to paradise. I love you, Grandma...
Today we mourn the passing of a wonderful woman. May the wind be always beneath your wings, and your spirit soar to paradise. I love you, Grandma...


To heal with love!
United States
I'm just here to help everypony, and solve what I can with as little violence as possible. And when that isn't possible, I am here to make sure my team lives.


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